Drug & Dairy Packaging

Drug Packaging

Hub Plastics has a Type III Drug Master File and follows the CGMP* guidelines produced by the FDA. This assures that our bottles are produced in a manner that insures the packaging is safe and properly identified for use with pharmaceuticals.

  • Each lot of product is sampled, tested, and examined on a continual basis.
  • Testing focuses on conformity with all appropriate written specifications.
  • Certificate of Compliances can be issued identifying lot number, certifying compliance with CGMP, and indicating materials used.

Dairy Packaging

Hub Plastics is included on the Interstate Milk Shippers List as being certified to produce single-serve dairy containers. Our plant is subject to random health inspections by the Department of Agriculture and our company always passes these inspections without incident.

  • The entire facility has been inspected and meets FDA standards for sanitary conditions.
  • Bottles are randomly tested for microorganism contamination by an independent laboratory.
  • Dust shields have been installed for FDA packing area and employees wear hair nets and cotton gloves.

* CGMP – Current Good Manufacturing Practice in manufacturing, processing, packing, or holding of drugs.